Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cricket champions

On Monday some people from Room 9 went to Linden Park in Tawa to play cricket.When we got there ET told the teams the rules and what would happen. After that we played our games and we won all of them. Next we went to our final we vs Tairangi, they were pretty hard but we manged to win just by 2 points. That meant that we won the cup! Then we went to our resting place, each coach had to nominated a sportsmanship player from there team and they got a cricket set. The two people that got it from Russell were Augustino and Katoa. After that ET pronounced the winner of the cricket trophy and it was Russell and Maraeroa. So we had to share the trophy we get it for the first six months and they get it for the other six months. In the end we had a big photo with all the teams and the Wellington Firebirds, then Matua Andrew told us to do the haka and the haka boys felt proud of themselves. Everyone had an awesome time.

By Ngun Cung and Vinley


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